Shawsheen River Watershed Association (SRWA) Membership Application 

Name:                                                                                                          Date:                                                                            


City:                                                                         State:                              ZIP Code:                                                               

Phone:                                                                      E-mail:                                                                                                            

Membership Category (please select one)

□ Individual $20.00                                       □ Student $10.00

□ Family $30.00                                             □ Senior $10.00

□ Sustaining $100.00                                    □ Lifetime $1000.00

□ This is a Renewal                                         □ This is a New Membership

I am interested in (select as many as apply)

□ Public Paddles                                              □ Participating in river cleanups

□ Educational Events                                      □ Other volunteering:_______________                                                 

□ Social Events □ Other activities:__________________

Please send this application to SRWA at:

P.O Box 126
Pinehurst, MA

The SRWA is registered with the state of Massachusetts as a non-profit organization. SWRA is recognized by the IRS as a non-taxable organization under 501(c)3. Donations to SRWA are tax deductible.