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Sandy Pond/Jones Brook Cleanup – Billerica, December 9th, 10:00 a.m.

Posted by on December - 2 - 2017

Sandy Pond, Billerica Please join us for a much needed cleanup of an important tributary to the Shawsheen. The dumping here is significant and needs to be addressed. This cleanup will take place on the banks and on the water, so if you have a kayak or canoe, please feel  [ Read More ]

   Celebrate the Winter Solstice With the Shawsheen River Watershed Association! The Shawsheen River Watershed Association will host the annual outdoor event on Friday, December 22, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The Winter Solstice is an astronomical phenomenon and unique among days of the year-the time of the  [ Read More ]

10/21/17 Tewksbury Half-way to Earth Day a Success!

Posted by Laurie Hartwick on October - 29 - 2017

Seven members and friends of the SRWA participated in Half-way to Earth Day on 10/21. While some worked the banks of the Shawsheen both up and downstream behind the Knights of Columbus on Route 38, others paddled downstream to collect bobbing bottles, plastic cups, cans, grocery shopping bags, mylar balloons,  [ Read More ]

Tewksbury’s Halfway to Earth Day Cleanup Event: 10/21, 8:30

Posted by on October - 4 - 2017

The SRWA is happy to announce our participation in this year’s Halfway to Earth Day event in Tewksbury. We plan to clean the Tewksbury stretch of the river in 2 separate locations; the first being Brown St Access, the other being The Knights of Columbus on RT 38. Please bring  [ Read More ]

SWRA Bedford Cleanup: 9/30, 9:30

Posted by on September - 14 - 2017

The SRWA needs your help to clean and clear the Shawsheen River in Bedford on September 30th. Bedford is home to the headwaters of the river, so maintaining cleanliness is important for the whole watershed. We will have 2 seperate work stations to launch kayaks and canoes from. The first  [ Read More ]

Tree Removal Successfully Opens Shawsheen River in Tewksbury: 8/26/2017

Posted by on August - 28 - 2017

With Herculean energy, expertise, and 2 hefty chain saws Ken Doran led a group of 10 SRWA volunteers to clear a portion of the Shawsheen River in Tewksbury so it can now be enjoyed by canoe and kayak enthusiasts. Forming a chain gang the crew hauled massive logs from the  [ Read More ]

On August 26th, the SRWA needs your help with a major cleanup and tree removal on the Shawsheen River in Tewksbury. Multiple trees have piled up and created an impassable dam in the river that needs to be removed. We will meet at the new canoe launch called Brown Street  [ Read More ]

The SRWA would like to give a heart felt thanks to the Appalachian Mountain Club Paddlers of NH as well as Al Suasco the “Trash Paddler” for their time and sacrifice to help remove 12 tires and over 10 bags of trash from the Shawsheen River in Billerica during the  [ Read More ]

SRWA Celebrates Solstice on the Shawsheen River 6/11/2017: followup

Posted by on June - 26 - 2017

Thanks to Ken Doran and Sharon Lapham  a group of paddlers shared a wonderful time on the Shawsheen River viewing a variety of  birds including a Great Blue Heron, Red-winged Blackbirds, and a gaggle of geese with their goslings. The cry of a lone gosling who had lost her mother  [ Read More ]

Shawsheen Greenway Celebration with SRWA, 6/11/2017: Pomps Pond followup

Posted by on June - 26 - 2017

A wonderful day of paddling and hiking thanks to Burt Bacheller, Ken Doran, Bob Rauseo, Steve Golden and many other volunteers.